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Internationally, there is a rapidly growing fascination around South African wines. While that appreciation is readily rewarded with a glass of our wine, the desire for a richer understanding is harder to satisfy, short of a trip to our country. With the WOSA Wine Workshops, however, we can bring a little bit of South Africa to you.

The workshops will take place in various countries around the world, and will comprise of a series of specially chosen master classes with leading South African winemakers and experts. They will cover such topics as unique varietals and flagship reds, famous blends and fantastic food pairings, centuries of tradition and our view to the future, as well as new naturals and sustainability. (For a full list and description of topics, click here.) Attendees can expect to get first-hand knowledge of our wines through tastings and in-depth, informative and personal conversations. Ultimately, they will come away with an enriched appreciation and more acute understanding of South African wines and winemaking.

We believe the workshops will be most successful if held in smaller groups, so seating is limited. All seminars are expected to be full so we recommend early booking. Workshop dates and details are available here.